Real Recognizes Real

Real Recognizes Real

Matt Michaud

We opened our gym in Dover, NH to help people lose weight, get stronger, improve their health, meet their fitness goals, gain a sense of community, and learn about good nutrition habits. When we opened, we wanted a large variety of brand new equipment.

Luckily, you don’t always get what you want.


Yes, you heard it, equipment in a gym does not matter. The results people get for their 1 hour in the gym matter.

When we get new equipment, it will be because we are replacing things with more of the SAME equipment: rowers, barbells, pull-up bars, bikes and boxes. You still won’t see ellipticals or pec decks. Instead, you’ll see people doing squats and push-ups and pull-ups. Because that’s what actually works.

Very fit people know that a large variety of equipment is a mask. Most gyms sell comfort: padded machines, smoothies, and all the tv binge watching you can handle. People that go to the gym needing to lose weight, perform better, or are desperate to fix their bad backs: avoid all that stuff. People who are seeing progress know they don’t need more choice; they need more work.

Molly – Kettlebell Overhead Squat

Work doesn’t mean planning what you are going to do at the gym. That is what our coach does for us. Work doesn’t mean standing around waiting for equipment. Your body might be the only machine you need. Your coach will help you know how to move safely and efficiently. Work means doing what the coach says, for how long he says and for the intensity he says. She won’t push you out of your limits but you definitely won’t be able to keep up with General Hospital.


Having a coach know what your goals are and designing the workout intensity and focus based on what your body can handle is what a gym should be. Fit people know that is a much better way to spend an hour. You can lose weight faster at the gym when you follow the direction of your coach.

No thinking. Just doing.

Pre Covid CF Open – 2019

Almost everyone who comes to EverProven has been to other gyms. Most come in and they say, “It just didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t losing the weight.” They looked for the cheapest option. Or they looked for the biggest gym. Maybe the one with the most machines. But eventually, when they decided they were serious and needed results, they went looking for a coach.

We depend on our members spreading the word about EverProven. And that means we have to help people lose weight, lose body fat, gain muscle mass and start with good nutrition habits – not to mention offer a supportive encouraging environment.

We have married couples, we have cousins, we have daughters, we have sisters and we have friends. It is a small community of people who support other people.

Many new members who book a No-Sweat Intro tell us, “Where is everything, this just looks like a lot of open space.” It’s true: You need space when you’re going to move a lot. And if you want to get fit, you’re going to move a lot. Fitness requires no chair, no padding, no seat belt.


Many Globo Gyms recently announced that they are closing multiple locations across the country. There are no Golds Gyms left in New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont.  If you are affected by this, we hope you consider this before choosing your next gym. This is your chance to reset, gain focus, and set some goals that we can help you achieve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Coach Katie S – Dialed in with the Snatch!


No wasted space

No wasted time

No wasted effort

If we were to start over, I would worry about equipment even less. Our members are doing burpees and box jumps and are more active; jumping rope and smiling and living their lives with more energy.

They’re far more fit than they were before coming to see us. Come smile with us while we get you the body you desire!

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