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So, you finished the Open. Congratulations!
Great news! This just in!!!
I just finished talking with Dave Castro and he told me some “insider” information! Here’s the deal. He said, “The Crossfit Open in 2018 will have movements such as ring/bar muscle ups, squatting, snatching, lunging, pull-ups (of the chest variety), box jumps, handstand push-ups, deadlifts and some others…


With that being said, you might want to start training now. How? Well, Crossfit…with some extra work on the side. The reality is that it takes months and months of work to develop strength, flexibility, skill and technique. Unfortunately, coaches can’t give you some magical set of words that get you flipping around the rings in only a few days or, in some cases, a moment’s notice before a workout. So, start now! Little by little and day by day you will see improvements. Attack your weaknesses with an actual plan and make small steps week by week to strengthen them.
Still have no idea about where to start? Well, I think that I may know a few people who can help you.
Utilize some of our coaches for personal training and/or programming. Oftentimes, personal training cannot only fix your major flaws, but it can also highlight where you may be the weakest. Additionally, you can outline what you want/need and put together a measurable and actionable plan to get you to your goals.


A year is a very long time, but so much can be accomplished. It will be the individuals who are quietly grinding it out behind the scenes all year long, little by little, that will “all of a sudden” be able to accomplish what they once thought was unattainable. Please, please, please, do not wait until December to start “working on your weaknesses.” It breaks my heart when athletes want to complete a movement so badly in the moment, but they have not spent the year working on it in order to do it. I hate having to say something like, “Yeah, I just don’t think that it’s going to happen” or having to watch them put a “0” on their score card and lose motivation. So, I say again! Start today and do a little bit every week for the next 40 weeks. It’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows, but that is okay. Keep driving forward. The PR’s will rain from the heavens if you’re patient enough and keep working.
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