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Matt Michaud owner of EverProven CrossFit
Our founder

Matt Michaud

EverProven started with a small group of friends using cobbled together equipment in Matt’s garage. As the group of friends outgrew their garage EverProven moved into a charming space in The Cocheco Mills in downtown Dover, NH. Adding new coaches, new services and working with a business mentor led to an expansion of EverProven into our current facility – a warehouse space with over 10,000 feet filled with all of the best equipment!

Our coaches

Matt M coach at EverProven CrossFit

Matt Michaud

Owner/Coach Matt is a career Firefighter/Paramedic and decorated athlete who loves CrossFit. His passion for coaching, athletic competition, and healthy living has paved the way for his expansive knowledge of fitness. Matt holds the following certifications; CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Movement and Mobility, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Running, Certified CrossFit Competition Judge, OPEX Athlete Assessment, Currently enrolled in OPEX Total Coach program, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE/IAFF Fire Service Peer Fitness Trainer, Training for Warriors L1, IKFF CKT L2, IKFF CBWT, IFA Sports Nutrition, Pose Tech L1 Running Coach, Risto Sports Soviet System Olympic Weightlifting, Nationally registered and Licensed in Paramedic Emergency Medicine.

Kevin O coach at EverProven CrossFit

Kevin O'Shea

Owner/Coach Kevin O’Shea is a lifelong athlete with a sporting history that includes collegiate rugby and adventure racing. He has been active in education as a lecturer at UNH and as a sworn Training Specialist for NH Police Standards and Training. Kevin began working out with the CrossFit methodology in 2009 and has been an ardent advocate for helping people reach their life goals through fitness. Kevin holds the following Certifications; CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course, and CrossFit Movement and Mobility.

Christian S coach at EverProven CrossFit

Christian Seeber

Owner/Coach Christian was a body building enthusiast who developed a curiosity and interest in alternative gym training in early 2007. Desiring new ways to exercise, he discovered CrossFit training was difficult, challenged physical ability, mental discipline, and it was measured by functional performance instead of muscle size. Christian began his CrossFit journey by training in his garage using the CrossFit methodology. Eventually, he met Matt, Scimone, Kate, Katie and together they founded EverProven. Christian currently holds the following Certifications; CrossFit Level 2, Risto Sports Soviet System Olympic Weightlifting, IKFF CKT L1, IKFF CKT L2, and IKFF CBT.

coach at EverProven CrossFit

Crystie McGrail

Coach / Manager In 2014 Crystie discovered CrossFit and EverProven at the same time after researching local Dover gyms and finally building up the nerve to walk in for a “No Sweat Intro”. With the goal of reducing imbalances caused by a lifelong love of competitive swimming she found that and more, including significant performance improvements, after just a few months of workouts. Having coached and competed with U.S. Masters Swimming for the past 10 years she decided to expand her knowledge of CrossFit by completing the CrossFit Level 1 course and begin coaching. Crystie has also completed the USAW Level 1 training. When she is not at the box, or the pool, Crystie enjoys mountain biking and trail running and has occasionally combined them with swimming to compete in off-road triathlon.

coach at EverProven CrossFit

Jenn Lace

Membership Coordinator Jenn started coming to EverProven in 2020 while looking for another form of fitness to tackle. Jenn earned her Bachelor of Arts: Theatre, Dance & Aerial from UNH and returned back to NH in 2018 from Australia, where she was living and working since 2013! She has over 16 years experience in the movement arts community, specializing in Barre, Pilates, Dance, Aerial, Yoga and Strength Training. Jenn loves the space that EverProven has created and is thrilled to join the team!

coach at EverProven CrossFit

Sara Claflin

Coach , Personal Trainer Sara is a native of NH who re-discovered her fitness passion after turning 40 and discovered her love for competing on stage as a bodybuilder. Sara is a personal trainer, holds all the TRX® Qualifications: STC, GSTC, and is the only Certified AGTC TRX-Blackrank instructor in the seacoast area. She is also a certified USAPL Powerlifting Coach. Sara holds her pro card in the masters’ division of OCB/IFPA natural bodybuilding and continues to be involved as a judge and competitor throughout New England. Sara’s clients range from 5 – 70 years old and believes in the power of movement for your mind, body, and soul at any age. She strives for excellence and brings it into every personal or class session. Her goal is to support and inspire others, and to contribute to the Everproven community!

coach at EverProven CrossFit

Royce Claflin

Coach, Personal Trainer Coach Royce is really excited to be a part of the growing and thriving community of EVRPRVN. Certified Personal Trainer, Certified USAPL powerlifting Coach and Referee, and a Master Level Stretch therapist, bringing a very special precision and tenacity to the local community. Lifetime athlete and accomplished bodybuilder and powerlifter himself, Coach Royce is actually more well known for his barbell coaching skills, and taking powerlifters of all backgrounds all the way to the Worlds stage. He is also known for his coaching style, which is highly specialized, individualized programming for athletes, and coaching a large number of athletes at once. What he is a little less known for, is that he is certified in functional movement and has exceptional mobility knowledge, and has a ton of experience working with post op clientele after back, hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries.

coach at EverProven CrossFit

Christy Runey

Coach – Legends A lifelong athlete, Christy has always been active, whether competing on the Army ski team, training with the cycling team, rock climbing, or running. In 2012, while assigned to Germany, she discovered her love for “Functional Fitness” and the community that supported it. Eventually her passion for the sport led her to train and compete as a Masters athlete in the 2018 CrossFit Games. Christy coaches our Legends athletes.

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