August 2021 Nutrition Challenge

We’re excited for our next in house nutrition challenge! Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, this 6 week, education based challenge, is perfect for you.

EverProven Nutrition Challenge

  • What: 6-week kick-start to healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  • Dates: August 21st, 2021 – October 2nd, 2021
  • Cost: $150 / person

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We will be kicking off with a seminar on Saturday, August 21st at 7:30am, explaining how the challenge will work and give a nutrition/nourishment lecture with Q&A’s to get you started. We’ll also take “before” photos and do the initial biometric testing for everyone with the InBody Body Composition Analyzer.

The goal of this challenge will be to achieve positive body composition changes through education and implementation of quality lifestyle and eating habits. Exercise is critical but it’s your actions outside of the gym that will have the biggest effect on health and fitness. Whether you’re training to compete or a casual CrossFitter, dialing in on your nutritional habits is the most important baseline habit.

We will be giving you the tools to achieve and maintain your ideal body with a realistic lifestyle program. It is for anyone looking to see positive changes in their performance, body composition, cognitive function, and energy levels. It will be a fantastic follow up to everyone who just completed the CrossFit Open – your habits outside of the gym have a massive impact on reaching your fitness and performance goals.

The Challenge will include:

  • Introduction seminar and check-in conference calls
  • Pre & Post Biometric Testing (InBody Composition scan & pictures)
  • Access to a private FaceBook group
  • Resources for food/habit tracking and goal setting
  • Recipes and multi-weekly informative emails
  • Grocery List of recommended foods and those to avoid
  • 1-1 Goal Setting Meeting at the end of the 6 weeks!

At EverProven CrossFit, we believe the pursuit of health and wellness is an ongoing journey and we want to support you in becoming a stronger human—whatever that means for YOU.

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