2021 September Athlete of the Month: Michelle Chadburn

How and when did you discover CrossFit?  

I discovered Crossfit in 2014. I had a friend that had just started crossfit and he loved it. He gave me a 10 class pass around Christmas time. I remember how scared I was to go there, to walk through the doors. In my intro we were doing box jumps and I swung my arms to get up on the box and I hit my hand on the box and I started to bleed! So embarrassing! It took me a few weeks to come back after that.

Once I came back I just remember standing off to the side, being shy, when Tasia came up to me and introduced herself. It made me feel so good and I relaxed. Then a few more people did it. It made me comfortable, and I didn’t feel like such an outsider.

How has CrossFit affected you since you started?  

Crossfit has affected me by bringing me out of my shell. Before crossfit I was shy, not really talkative (i know hard to believe). I feel crossfit has helped with my confidence.

When you are doing a workout you get motivated to push harder. Crossfit workouts make you think more on how to do the movement correctly. When you lift something and the coach knows you can do better you will most likey hear “put some weight on there”. I love that, because you want to go the extra mile knowing someone else thinks you can too. Having someone build you up every time you do a workout.

I started taking that out of the gym and building my confidence, telling myself “I got this.” That’s life, you have to have the confidence to take that first step in any career if you want to be successful. Since I have started crossfit I went to school and received my degree in Health and Wellness. Crossfit has really helped me mentally and physically.

What class do you normally attend?   

I attend 5:15 mostly.

What are your short and long term goals?    

I think everyone should wake up with a different goal each day. Even if it is something small it is a goal. My long term goal is to become a successful Health Coach. Maybe, go back to school and see if I can work with kids that are struggling with obesity. Kids are our future and we need to keep them healthy.

My goal in the gym is to get a muscle up. I have done one by myself but, have not done one since. I would also like to get a better OH squat. Mine sucks! To get stronger as I get older!

What’s your favorite WOD/movement?   

My favorite WOD is definitely, definitely the 4th of July workout;  1775. I love how it is outside, even though it has either been 90 degrees or raining. It just reminds you how lucky we are to have freedom. My favorite movements are v-ups and devil presses.

What’s your LEAST favorite WOD/movement?   

My least favorite workout is Fran!! ugh hate it. It just makes me so mad. I’d rather do Murph!
Least favorite movement snatches and thrusters.

What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?  

Well, a lot of people don’t know that my left arm can not go down by my side. I was born a preemie. My left side of my bodies anatomy was a lot different from my right. I had an enlarged scapular that was the size of my whole back and very little muscle in my arm and leg. I was not born with a ball and joint in my shoulder.  I was 3 when I had my first surgery. I have had many since then. The doctors from Mass General removed my enlarged scapular and gave me a plastic one. My clavicle is made to go past my shoulder down to my deltoid so it acts like a ball and joint. Because of that my arm does not go down by my side. I don’t have good range of motion, but I still can do everything. I had to wear a brace when I was little, and that was torture. It never helped. The doctors told me at a very young age, that I would have to build muscle in my body, or I could have an arm that didn’t work! I did sports growing up and then just started working out. 

Crossfit never made me feel like I was different, and couldn’t do anything. I really do think our coaches make a huge difference. Especially, helping people with scaled options. I really think they are the ones over the years, that have helped build me up and made me feel better about myself . I have seen many coaches over the years since I have been at Everprovn and I think each one of them has made a difference. I am a grateful that I found Crossfit.



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