Meet The Coach Monday: Christian Seeber

Next up for our “Meet the Coach” series is Christian Seeber!

Christian is an Online User Experience Architect and CrossFit Coach! He has been with EverProven CrossFit since we opened!
Here is what Christian has to say;
“I began lifting weights in high school, when I was a very scrony kid on the swim team, and with swimming and weights I started developing a nice physique. I took a hiatus in my late teens and early 20s to focus on partying and being stupid and by 22 I started hitting the bodybulding gymrat approach hard. By 24 I went straight edge, and started focusing more on my physique. A few years later I learned about clean eating and found how to balance my meals to suit my needs, but the type of lifting I was doing was becoming more and more boring. I discovered and in Feb. 2007, and began doing that in my garage. I finally discovered the holy grail of fitness, and my entire lifestyle changed. I joined a pseudo-crossfit here in Dover, and that’s where I met Matt, Katie, and Stone. The rest is history as we began to pursue legitimate CrossFit, and built this box one block at a time!”
Christian’s favorite food;
Christian’s favorite and least favorite movement;
Favorite Movement: Muscle-ups
Least Favorite Movement: Snatches
Favorite Workout: Elizabeth
What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
“Playing with my dogs, playing guitar, snowboarding, hiking, brewing Kombucha, spending times in pools and lakes. ”
A fun fact about Christian; 
“I grew up in Mexico City and I’m half Mexican.”
What are your specialties/what type of athletes you like to work one on one with?
“I’m better at gymnastic movements (except the handstand movements) and kettlebell/dumbbell work. I like to work with everyone, to be honest. Young or master, new or seasoned… I enjoy working with anyone that is wiling to give it their all. ”
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