Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

There’s a reason the scale hasn’t moved. There’s a reason why you aren’t getting any fitter…but what is it?
Gym membership? Check
Healthy food. Got it.
You have a world of information right in front of you.  So why are you heavier than you were last year? Why did the doctor tell you that you need to get your blood pressure under control during your last office visit?
Because you can’t stand your workout.
You despise stomping out miles on the treadmill. You loathe the elliptical. You abhor the all the purple and yellow machines (what does a hip adductor machine even do?). You hate the guys that are constantly flexing,.. you know… the same ones that only seem to pull themselves away from the mirrors to give you their unsolicited advice on how to use the pec dec?
…and worst of all, you don’t think any of it’s working. Right?
It takes everything you have to show up. Last week you skipped a few days… today you’re too tired.. you’re losing your willpower and you know it.
Willpower is self-discipline and it can weigh heavy on your results. This self-discipline can grow strong or it can start to fade depending on a ton of outside factors. Stress level, fatigue, and how much you have to tap into it. Had a long, stressful day at work? Your willpower will feel depleted at the end of your day. On Monday, you’re probably good to go…but by Friday you’re fried.
After sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight looking up at the clock every 3 min to see if it’s closer to quitting time, how motivated are you to saddle up on the recumbent bike for the evening? If you despise your workout, you’ll be unsuccessful. You won’t see results. You won’t get fitter.
At EverProven, we have solved the major problem. Our workouts WORK because you’ll actually like being here! It will be the thing you look forward to. Every. Single. Day. You’ll start to LOVE going to the gym!
Our workouts change daily so you’ll never be bored. We have expert coaches so you’ll never stop learning. We have nutritional guidance, so you’ll learn the simple rules that produce huge results. We have an incredible community full of awesome, like-minded people so you’ll make friends right away.
You can possess all the “I can do it on my own” and “It’ll be different this time” in the world. You can follow that “30 day fix” you saw in a magazine to a tee. You can take all the supplements on the shelf. If you hate your workout, none of these things matter and you will end up right where you started.
When you love your gym, the people, the coaches and all the progress you are making, that ALL goes away.
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