Facing Scary Things and Conquering Fear

Facing Scary Things and Conquering Fear


One of our main purposes at EverProven is to help you live your best life. We want you to experience the things that you’ve always wanted. Things like running a 5k, entering an obstacle course race, taking on that big hike or hunting trip. We can get you ready for any and all of that!

Of course, this doesn’t mean those things won’t be scary when you do them, but those nerves will remind you that you are ALIVE! Those things are worth preparing for and worth doing.

Here’s what we’ve learned about leaning into the scary stuff, dealing with the stress, and enjoying an exciting life:

1. Your body responds very similarly to excitement and fear.

Think about it – your heart rate elevates, your blood pressure rises, your palms sweat. Have you ever felt that anxious feeling before the …3, 2, 1, GO of a big workout, a race, or event? Were you scared, or excited?

Whenever we have an athlete in competition we always sit down for a pep talk before the first event. We talk about the things they can control and the things that they can’t. We remind them to trust in their training. Then we ask them to think of those pre-event butterflies not as nerves, but as excitement to get going. And to remember that those feelings will go away as soon as the workout starts anyway.

2. Anticipation is often way worse than the actual event.

Have you ever been in the waiting room prior to a surgery? Or standing in line for the next obstacle during a Tough Mudder race? You sit there and mull over all the possibilities and the outcomes.

But often our brain’s ability to take us through all 200 possible worst-case scenarios is way out of proportion to what ACTUALLY happens. For many, they can spend days spiraling through these possibilities, and by the time the event starts they’re tired from running through it in their head and are worn out from worrying for the days prior.

Waiting, thinking, processing, and anticipating – these are always worse than DOING. If you have the chance to do the hard thing, do it immediately. Don’t give yourself time to think about it. Skip the anticipation.

3. Put the event into perspective: Will you actually remember this in a year?

No? Then it’s not worth the headspace.

If you WILL, however… then it is WORTH DOING!

Become your story!

Life is a series of experiences and these excitement-riddled moments are the ones that stand out. Without these moments, you’re letting yourself be ordinary. Try living outside of the norm and be extraordinary. Pick things to work towards, things that make your heart beat a little bit faster. Work to lean into the fear and push past the stress of anticipation.

And remember: your experiences – whether you’re pushing your limits, or experiencing heartache – will make a great story that not only help shape who you are, but will likely help someone else in the future. Chase these opportunities and enjoy the excitement they bring!

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