Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Matt Michaud

At EverProven, we are on a crusade to help make the world a better place. Our enemy? Chronic Disease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated for all of us how incredibly important our physical health is. Healthy, fit humans are less likely to get sick, are more resilient when they do get sick, and generally enjoy a much higher quality of life. Chronic disease of all sort is a huge burden on our society. Preventable chronic disease costs us billions, kills our loved ones and causes anxiety across the world. At EverProven we possess some incredible weapons in this fight. Our mission is simple – to save the world by wining the war against preventable chronic disease. Our weapons? Fitness, nutrition, community and care. Will you join us in our fight? Do you have what it takes to be our next recruit in our battle to change the world?

The short answer is…YES! Contrary to what some may think, all are welcome at EverProven. Beginners to fitness veterans, we will work with anyone no matter age, shape, size, color, gender etc. But will we be a good fit for you? Will you be a good fit for us?

 Let’s simplify things for you. You are the type of awesome human we want to work with at EverProven if:

– You don’t just want a workout plan, or a room full of equipment. You want coaches and community to help motivate you, encourage you, and keep you moving safely.

– You don’t want to fly solo. You want to share in a journey with other like-minded friends and coaches who make things a whole lot more fun and interesting.

– You appreciate attentive, professional coaching

– You like being held accountable.

– You would benefit from a community who can help you navigate the ups and downs of life, and keep moving.

– You value your health, and realize that taking care of yourself is an investment, not an expense.

That’s it! You don’t need to be experienced to join our Army. We don’t care how much you can lift or how fast you can run. We don’t care how visible your abs are, or how fashionable your workout attire is. We don’t care what color, gender, orientation or age you are. All of our soldiers are equal.

We do care about having a positive attitude, willingness to be coached, and genuine effort. If you bring those three things to the table, we can turn you a health and fitness warrior.

If that sounds like you, give us a call or Book a Free No Sweat Intro Session Here to talk with one of professional coaches!

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