EVR Athlete Profile: Kellie H

Kellie Higginbotham
Age: 28
Occupation: Social work grad student
Joined EverProven: December 2013
Favorite CrossFit Exercise: Snatches, front/ back squats
Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Running

Growing up, Kellie was always an athlete. Whether it was dance, karate, soccer, or ice hockey, she thrived on competition. But then she hit her mid-20s, and she realized she was no longer exercising. She tried spin classes, but wasn’t seeing results from long sessions of cardio alone. Luckily, Kellie’s sister is an avid CrossFitter in Portland, and, as Kellie says, “she was getting ripped.” With her sister’s encouragement, Kellie looked into local affiliates and signed up for the intro class at EverProven.
Kellie says she was really sore after the intro class, but she says part of her just wanted more. She says she both loved and hated coming to the workouts, because she wanted to be good at everything. But she stuck with it, and recently placed 3rd in a CrossFit competition.
While Kellie loves hitting new PRs in Barbell Club, she especially loves the difference she’s seen outside of the gym. “It’s showing in everyday things,” she says, like not getting winded as easily. This winter she put her functional fitness to work while helping her dad recover from a heart attack. She had no trouble lifting wood or carrying things up and down stairs. Pushing a wheelbarrow uphill, she thought, “This is just like a sled push!”
“I just want to be active all the time,” she says. Sitting on the couch eating and watching the Food Network does not hold the appeal it once did. Instead, she’s been signing up for events and competitions. She did her first Tough Mudder “it sucked, but it was awesome” and she ran an entire 5K for the first time. And, of course, she’s not stopping there. She has been working with head coach Matt Michaud to crush even more goals.
Matt says that Kellie “has been working really hard and it shows. Her attitude is spot on and she isn’t letting distractions get in her way. At the same time, when she has a moment where she needs assistance, she isn’t afraid to reach out to get help from us coaches.”
Thanks to her dedication and the support she’s received from the EverProven coaches and fellow athletes, Kellie’s confidence has grown along with her strength. “I just love everyone here. People I don’t even know,” she says. “I feel like I can be my real self here. I just wish I did it sooner.”
Next on this busy grad student’s agenda: walking down the aisle! Kellie says she’s looking forward to feeling badass in her wedding dress this October. Congratulations, Kellie!
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