Bright Spot Friday – 7/31/20 – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Bright Spot Friday – 7/31/20- No Ifs, Ands, or Buts


It’s very easy in our current climate to focus on what’s out of our control and become obsessed with the negative.

One thing we can control is how we communicate. A common word I hear used these days is “but”. You’ve heard it plenty, I’m sure. Someone says something and then here comes the qualifier: but!

When that word gets used in a sentence, it feels like everything said before it gets negated. For example: I’m happy to be in Phase 2 and doing my part to flatten the curve, but I miss my friends. So…you’re not happy because you miss your friends. That’s the takeaway. For the record, it’s OK to miss your friends. I miss mine, too.

However, see what happens when I write this: I’m happy to be in Phase 2 and doing my part to flatten the curve, and I miss my friends. Now BOTH things are true. You miss your friends, and you’re happy to be in Phase 2. Using “and” instead of “but” is a small and (you thought I was going to write but, didn’t you?) powerful change in our word choice that has a positive ripple effect on our mindset and outlook.

Try it today. Every time you’re about to say “but” replace it with “and” and see how much more positive your mindset becomes.

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