A New Chapter of Health

A New Chapter of Health

By Coach Matt Michaud

As the 2018 CrossFit Open comes to a close, we leave behind leaderboards, the thrill of competition and the anticipation of what Dave Castro will throw at us next. It’s been an incredibly fun few weeks here at the gym and I am already looking forward to what next year brings! With all of the hype and focus on competition, some of us may have lost sight about what brought us here in the first place. Now is a good time to remember why you probably started CrossFit…. You wanted to get fitter and healthier! Duh.. thanks Matt.. got any more brain busters?
But why CrossFit? Why EverProven?  Well, I’d like to think that you were seeking more. You saw the revolution of health and fitness that was coming….


I will start off this rant by giving you the best health tip you’ll hear all week:
Letting your insurance company dictate how you take care of your health is like driving with your eyes closed.
You’re probably going to die sooner than you’d like.
Now you may be asking yourself.. “But Wait, Matt… I thought you were talking about health and some tinfoil hat fitness revolution? Where are you going with this?”
Let me explain…
Insurance companies regulate how doctors and other medical providers treat their patients by regulating what services they cover and will reimburse them for. This means they can call the shots on how the medical professionals treat you. If a doctor can’t get insurance reimbursement for a service, they won’t get paid… so why would they put forward the effort to treat to the fullest extent if they aren’t going to get paid. And don’t even get me started on big pharma..
The point is, you have the tools at your disposal to take care of yourself in a preventative way. Eat a diet consisting of whole, non processed, chemical laden foods. Workout hard 3-4 times per week and recover well…Get proper, regular sleep. Lastly make sure you take the time to let yourself de-stress and enjoy your time on this earth. Health and fitness is being aware of your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and SELF.
I’m incredibly proud to have fostered a community of people who decided to go against the grain and take their lives back. A community of people who abandoned what was easy to embrace their triumph. People who collectively saw past the lies about health that society told us. Who remembers these whoppers?
– Low Fat, High Carb Diets are healthy!
– Low intensity aerobic workouts will get you fit!
– Resistance training promotes cardiovascular disease and joint injury
– 90% of people who perform High intensity workouts, namely CrossFit end up with major injuries
– CrossFit is a fad (18 years strong so far)
– Pregnant women should never workout or get their heart rate above 140.
– Being skinny means you are healthy.
– Natural sugar like honey is better for you than processed sugar.
– A juice cleanse will detoxify you after an eating binge.
– Deadlifting is bad for your back
– And my personal favorite… squatting below parallel is bad for the knees.
– You’re not fat, you’re husky. (Ok.. that one was personal, thanks mom!)
These are all things that have proven to be wrong.


It is my belief that one day our gyms will be recognized as preventative medicine health centers. I hope that one day our doctors will write prescriptions for squats, running and burpees to control hypertension rather than for ACE inhibitors, statins and beta blockers. I pray that we pave the way to eliminate type 2 diabetes and become the leaders in the fight against the obesity crisis in America.
You are an active member of change.. you are on the leading edge of this preventative medicine! By taking your health into your own hands and rejecting what has been force fed into common belief, you are helping to morph our society into something better. You are a warrior for your own health and an agent of change leading the path for healthier generations to follow. Take honor in knowing your influence! PRIDE IN EFFORT.
Didn’t think you were part of a revolution, huh?
Maybe you could take that influence to the next level? If you aren’t perfect at this yet, that’s ok! One. Day. At. A. Time. Remember that you have a wonderful community right in front of you with a ton of different stories and experience. Not one of us is perfect, but we can learn from each other’s trials and tribulations. We can come out of this better together. We work better together. STRENGTH BEYOND NUMBERS.
Our coaches are a great resource as well. Need nutritional guidance? Want to figure out how to reduce your back pain naturally through exercise? No sweat. Before you quit, before you surrender to going to the doctor for pain meds or a PT for the same (or similar)… talk to one of our coaches to see if we can help!
Thanks for reading this incredible Saturday morning rant! I hope it helps at least one of you!!

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