Covid-19 Policy Updates – 2/18/22

Good Afternoon, 

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for your help and cooperation over the past two years while we have all done the best we can to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.

I would like to recognize all of you for your perseverance, patience, and understanding while we all work together as we navigate through this pandemic. 

Im happy to report some encouraging news! The COVD-climate is changing in a favorable direction. 

NH HSEM health officials reported a steady decline in COVID-positive hospital admissions throughout the state. Because this favorable trend is applicable at the local-level, the City Manager of Dover has lifted the employee mask mandate on City Employees and in public buildings – this has encouraged me and made me comfortable to a point where I can follow suit with our policy here at EverProven 

The following is effective immediately:

• All employees and members are encouraged to wear masks while inside the gym, however, the decision to wear a mask will be back to individual choice. 

• If an employee or member is returning to the gym after a quarantine or isolation period and the NH DHHS guidelines indicate a mask should be work for a period of time, the expectation is that they will follow those guidelines.  
Please enhance the success of these changes by:
• Ensuring every effort is made to maintain a clean environment.  
• Frequent washing of hands and personal hygiene 
• Diligence in decontaminating and cleaning equipment.
• Open bay doors and/or utilize our HVAC system for increased air exchange, when available and appropriate 
•It you show signs or symptoms of Covid19 or feel ill on any way, don’t come into the gym.

Thank you all again for your understanding and patience with these changes!


Matt Michaud 

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