Why do you even need a coach?

Why do you even need a coach?

The Coaches at EverProven CrossFit are all different, but all carry an immense amount of knowledge. We all love CrossFit, but some of us have certain specialties due to our personal background and experience. Any way you have it, we have the tools to help anyone reach their goal. We are different than many other gyms in that while we have dedicated classes, we also offer the most open gym time than any other CrossFit around. This is a great option for many of you that have crazy schedules, but don’t forget to take advantage of our coaching expertise when you have the chance. Here are a few thoughts about the benefits of having a coach vs. self programming. As your coaches, we have been able to observe the fundamental benefits of being able to see and correct movement.  Even if you only participate in open gym, here are 4 reasons why having a coach/trainer are beneficial.


#1 Motivation

Self programming often times leads to doing only the things you like vs the things you need to get better at.  You know you need to do certain things, but maybe you end up  procrastinating long enough that you won’t be able to put the proper amount of effort into your workout. If you miss something, don’t put up the weights you originally planned to, hit the distances or time you intended, you can simply modify the program mid-way thru the workout or even rationalize and excuse your performance. Have a coach there keep your head in the game. Which leads me to my next point….


#2 Accountability

This, hand in hand with motivation, are probably the two largest contributors to your success and progression. When you write your own program, you are more likely to either make it to easy, slant it to the things you like to do most or like, or flat out not do everything you set out to do.  For example if you were to program 4 rounds of a half mile run, and only got 2 rounds done and then you felt tired, you might just move on to something else.  For some of us the internal motivation may carry us through, but almost guaranteed you will not do that again if you didn’t like it. If we fail, it can often be devastating. Who will be there to help you reframe on the bad days?


#3  No outside perspective

 As athletes or even weekend warriors, to our detriment we get focused in on what we need to improve on and most likely have a hard time seeing the big picture.  I believe that when we analyze our own performance, we often see what we want to see, however when someone else looks at you and your performance, you can’t really mask anything.  This is especially important when things like form and function come into play.


#4 Outside Expectations 

When someone else believes in you and knows you can accomplish something, you will try harder to make it happen!  Over the past few months as I have had the opportunity to work one-on-one and in small groups, I have seen the improvements you’ve made and I’ve witnessed you trying harder when I’m watching.  Many of you have accomplished things that when we started you never thought you could do.

Bottom line, find someone you trust to work with.  Let them help you, tell them what you need, be honest and open and take your fitness to the next level with a coach that cares! ALL of our coaches at EverProven CrossFit greatly care about you and your goals. Want  to train for a 5k? We’ve got you covered. Need to pass a PT test for work. No problem. Want to change your body composition or just get fitter/stronger. Check. Don’t know which coach you want to work with? Click Here to shoot us a message with your goals and we will line you up with the right coach to fit your needs!



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