Meet The Coach Monday: Albie Salvatore

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting the great leaders of our community with “Meet the Coach Monday”! Our hopes is to help you get to better know who is helping pave your way toward health and fitness and to provide some insight into who your coaches are!
First up is Coach Albie Salvatore!
Albie has been coaching at EverProven CrossFit since 2013!
Here’s what Albie has to say;
“I grew up playing basketball and football, I found out early in high school I had a path to play basketball in college. I stopped playing football my Sophomore year and focused on Basketball and strength and agility training off season. I ended up playing 4 years of college basketball and this is where I was first introduced to the clean, front, and back squat. I actually started liking our lifting and circuit training pre-season workouts better than playing. I left college and fell into basketball men’s leagues and a lot of distance running. Needless to say I got extremely bored. I saw a post years later near my 38th birthday of one of my college buddies competing in regionals for CrossFit, he pushed me some workouts and I became addicted. I went to Crossfit Portsmouth until I met Matt at Reach the Beach on my 40th birthday year. I started at EverProven CrossFit as a decent athlete and ended up qualifying for masters Regionals. I ended up crushing them and only missed making the CrossFit Games by 5 spots. So, long story short EverProven has been my jump off and I will stay until they kick my old bones out.”
Albie’s favorite food.
“Chicken wings baby, but the gotta be grilled and spicy.”
Albie’s favorite and least favorite movement.
“I love hang cleans and hate dead lifts.”
What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
I love going for runs with my wife and of course hitting as many shred sessions with my kids on the mountains in the winter. I do throw in some occasional hoop to ensure I still got it.
A fun fact about Albie.
I was class president and a national scholar in high school.
What type of athletes does Albie like to work one on one with? What are your specialties?
I love agility and endurance and enjoy working with newbies, it is great to see them light up when they get a skill.

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