Creating a Positive Self Image: Tips to Challenge Your Inner Defeatist

What does your inner monologue tell you when you wake up in the morning? What does it say to you through the day?
You know that voice…..  the one that talks to you when you are choosing between the salad or the slice of pizza, the one that tells you to take the elevator instead of the stairs. The same one that has things to say when your trying to decide to go to the gym or not.  It’s the voice who speaks to you in your head when you’re  trying to decide which weights to choose… the one that pushes you toward the 10’s when you can really handle the 25’s. The voice that convinces you to drop from that set of pull ups when you really could’ve gone unbroken. It’s this voice that says “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t”


Do you have self confidence? Are you honest with yourself?  Are you really determined? Do you blur the lines between excuses and legitimate reasons? Are you happy in your comfort zone or do you push the limits by challenging yourself? Do you describe yourself with positive words or negative ones?
Who do you surround yourself with? Do the people around you speak to you with encouragement or do they constantly point out your flaws? Do  you have a good sense of humor, a positive attitude, and an ability to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake? How do you speak to yourself when no one else is around? When no one else can hear, when you are at your most vulnerable?
Good news, you aren’t alone. We all have been in a place where we are our own worst enemy.. we have all been a poor self-coach to ourselves.
With the open coming very soon, I wanted to challenge each and every one of you who read this to defeat the little voice in your head. It’s time to stand up to yourself. It’s time to look in the mirror and demand change. It’s time to stop being your own defeatist. It’s time to prove you to you. The gym and the Open in general is a great catalyst for change.


If you are still reading this, I think I may have sparked something in you. You want to change. You’re done with the status quo… and you want to help yourself get better. Below you will find my tips on how to keep your mental game strong when that voice inside starts to put you down.
Don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t been coming to the gym, eating clean or sleeping properly. Don’t let the number on the scale today determine the number on the scale next month. Understand that everyone messes up. The difference is that not everyone is able to forgive themselves. Don’t wallow until one slice becomes the whole pie or one drink becomes 5 or 6. If it’s been awhile since you’ve come to the gym and maybe you’ve lost some of your gains… try to forget where you were then and accept where you are now. Forgive yourself for an decisions you have made or circumstances that you faced and begin to make good decisions now. Forget the past, focus on the future.
When you’re feeling good, and you are starting to gain some momentum, get out your calendar. Schedule the gym into your life. Call a friend and make plans to meet them there and don’t let them down. By making a commitment to them, you are making a commitment to yourself. If your commitment is three times a week, put it in the schedule, and don’t give yourself any outs. Then show up. Showing up is more than half the battle, because once you’re there, there are other people who will hold you accountable. If you are going to a CrossFit gym.. the workout is even there for you… and you will do it. Just by showing up and doing it, you will improve. Just. Show. Up.
Once you get there, its time to assess what you know about your abilities,  how your body feels today, and make an HONEST plan on what you are going to do today. What is your motivation for the day?  What will make your workout fun and attainable but also challenging? Maybe it’s a score you want to beat? A time you want to complete the workout in or any of the following:
I will do unbroken sets of ____ (inset movement here).
I will never stop moving during the metcon.
I will ask the coach a question about my technique and won’t get down on myself when they point out an error.
I will limit myself to ten seconds of rest every time I put down the bar.
I will do the full movement instead of the scale even though I might move slower.
I won’t get upset if I don’t finish.
Lying to yourself is suicide for success. Accepting the truth is always hard, especially when speaking to yourself. Don’t expect this to be obvious and uncomplicated. Once you are truthful with yourself you will understand what it takes to get beyond your comfort zone. This requires hard work, commitment, discipline, and sweat. Understand that this is a true challenge and that it’s going to be difficult. The sooner that you are able to embrace self truth, you will know that you are capable of conquering whatever your coaches set in front of you.
The fat loss, Pr’s, and metrics of good health that you are wishing for are can never be purchased or given to you.. they must be but earned.


Don’t think about how much the workout is going to “hurt”. Don’t think about how long it will be or how you might not like the movements that day. Don’t look at the clock if it will not motivate you, dont look at the WOD blog if you won’t show up if you see movements you don’t like. Don’t say mean things to yourself. Be a nice person, even to yourself, even when you fall short of your personal goals. Delete “I can’t do this” and “I’m going to quit.” from your vocabulary.  Get rid of  self comparisons…” “I can’t keep up with her,” “He’s stronger than I am.” Remember is You vs. You… not You vs. Anyone Else.
Keep encouraging, strong, motivating dialogue in your head — “I can do this.” “I’m going to reach my goal.” “I am strong. I am getting stronger.” “She’s good, but so am I.”
Believe in yourself. Even if deep down that voice is still there, say it to yourself over and over until it goes away. Walk up to the bar, the rower, the rope, the kettlebell, the med ball with confidence. Breathe deep, engage your lats, tighten your core, and know you’ve got this.


You know that feeling when you hit a surprise PR or do something that you thought might be impossible? Maybe it happened in a workout you were afraid to even start. Maybe it happened in a workout you almost didn’t show up for or in the one you almost quit halfway through.
Look for that feeling every time you step foot in the gym.
You know…It’s that feeling when you’re laying on the ground, breathing lungs full of air, your fatigued, and your heart is racing… it’s a feeling of accomplishment and pride that starts small and then explodes inside your chest.
It’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.
You. Did. It.You aren’t as bad as you thought you were.You proved yourself wrong. You surprised yourself.
The best part is that it’s not dependent on anyone else. This is YOUR pride, YOUR joy, YOUR exhilaration. Better yet, this is YOU being proud of YOU.
You control that. You showed up. You did your best, you finished, you challenged yourself, and you won. You defeated the negative voices in your head and replaced them with the best coach in the world –yourself.


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