What to Expect at Your First CrossFit Class

We all know that CrossFit can seem intimidating at first, and the idea of trying something new can be nerve racking on its own. But don’t worry! These feelings are normal. Trying CrossFit for the first time will introduce you to new movements you’ve never tried before, a new way of reaching your goals, and a community of people rooting for you every step of the way. Over time, CrossFit will show you just how strong your body can be. 

Before your first class, here are a few things you can expect!

Intros and On-Ramps

What sets EverProven apart from other CrossFit gyms is the opportunity to be introduced to the gym and to coaches before signing up for a class. That way, you don’t have to walk into your first class blind!

  1. Intros

Intros are your first introduction to the EverProven gym! During your intro, you have the opportunity to personally meet with one of the coaches and get a tour of the gym, discuss your goals and how EverProven can help you meet them, and learn about all the different ammenities EverProven has to offer to their members.

  1. On-Ramps

On-Ramps happen after your initial introduction, and give you a one-on-one opportunity to meet with a coach and become familiar with the types of movements you are going to be doing during classes! Depending on what package you select, you have the opportunity to attend a few one-on-one sessions with your coach to prepare you for what to expect during an actual class!

What does a CrossFit Class Look Like?

A typical CrossFit class is an hour long group session led by a certified coach. At the beginning of the class, your coach will brief you with what the workout is going to look like, including warmups, mobility movements, skill, strength training, and a metcon. The coach will also review the intended stimulus of the workout, and a variety of scaling options in order to make every workout accessible for everyone. While it may seem overwhelming at first, the coaches are there to provide support and guidance throughout the entire workout!

Don’t stress if you don’t recognize some of the movements. Your coach will be able to instruct you through the movements and show you the correct form. Your first class will typically focus on learning the proper technique of the movement, and scaling the workout to your fitness level and ability. 

The rest of the workout will be split up into a few sections that your coach will lead you through. While each class will be different, they follow the same layout each time. Here is an example of a class you might follow at EverProven:

  1. Warm-Up

At the beginning of the class your coach will guide you through a couple of warm-up exercises to loosen up your body and prepare you for the strength exercises. Some examples of warm-up exercises are supermans, alternating lateral lunges, or banded glute bridges

  1. Mobility

The next set of movements focus on mobility, or moves that activate the range of motion around your joints. These will also help prepare your body for the workout ahead. Some examples of mobility movements are banded wrist extensions, banded face pulls, or wall hinges.

  1. Skill

This section of the workout is focused more on reviewing the movement your strength workout will be focusing on, and clarifying how to perform the workout successfully and how to prioritize the correct form. Your coach will demonstrate the movement for you, then watch as you practice the movement a few times, to make sure you are performing it the correct way so that you don’t injure yourself!

  1. Strength

The strength portion of the workout focuses on weight training to improve strength and endurance. These movements can be scaled to the fitness level of the athlete, and gives you the ability to use a weight of your choice. Some examples of strength movements you may be doing are front squats, push presses, or kettlebell swings.


The final portion of a CrossFit class is the METCON, or metabolic conditioning. These are exercises that combine strength and conditioning, and allow you to intensely exert yourself for a shorter period of time. An example of a METCON would be a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of alternating dumbbell snatches, burpees, and  jumping rope.

Helpful Tips

Now that you know what the structure of your first class will look like, here are a few tips you might want to try to make sure your first class runs smoothly!

  1. Show up to class early

Giving yourself 10-15 minutes before class to get yourself comfortable in a new environment and find your way around the gym can help make you feel more comfortable!

  1. Introduce yourself to the coach

Before you start the workout, introducing yourself to your coach and letting them know that this is your first class can help make sure your coach can properly guide you through the workout.

  1. Meet some of the other people in your class!

A big part of CrossFit is immersing yourself in the community. Everybody who is a part of a CrossFit gym has been in your shoes once, and connecting with others can be a great way to acclimate yourself in your new environment.

  1. Keep an open mind 

CrossFit is a hard workout and after your first class you are probably going to be questioning whether or not you are capable of coming back. But that is what makes CrossFit so empowering. Pushing your body to the extreme and putting your all into a workout is so rewarding. However, you aren’t going to accomplish this overnight. Keep an open mind and try CrossFit a couple times before deciding whether or not it is for you.

  1. Consider your next steps

After trying classes, consider whether or not CrossFit is for you! Talk to the coaches, listen to the stories of how CrossFit changed the other athletes lives, and decide whether or not you want to come back!

Reach out to one of our coaches today to learn more about how you can sign up for your first class!

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