January Athlete of the Month: Jesse Davies

How and when did you discover CrossFit & what concerns or problems did you have before you started?

I starter researching CrossFit gyms after my brother-in-law recommended I look into it after a 7 year stretch of avoiding the gym at all costs. My primary concern was whether I would fit in, if the workouts would be to my liking, and if I’d be able to stick with it.

What results have you gotten so far?

I have seen an incredible increase in my energy levels, a renewed sense of well-being overall, and its greatly impacted the way I show up for those I care about most. Practically, I have lost over 20lbs of fat and have recently received news that my cholesterol are lower than they’ve been in about a decade!

What is different about EverProven services?

EverProven makes it simple to join, show up for class, have confidence in my ability to workout with good form, and it wraps all this in a unique sense of community. I have made many friends along the way, I wasn’t sure whether that would happen, and it has been a saving grace in the midst of health journey I am on. I am truly humbled by everyone involved at EverProven.

What would you tell someone that is on the fence about joining EverProven?

I imagine the membership cost could intimidate some folks, and thats natural. What I would encourage someone to think about is what is it costing them to have a cheap membership else where that isn’t meeting their needs, doesn’t have the proper resources in place to aid them in their journey, and ultimately help them reach their goals with commitment, enthusiasm, and a lot of fun!

What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?

In the early days of Instagram (mid 2011) I created an account under a pseudonym (pen name) where I published a basic photo once a week with a written blurb about my musing regarding the mental struggles I was facing at the time. Within a matter of months I have over 150k followers from all over the world. Sadly the account has since been removed from the platform for unknown reasons.

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