Meet The Coaches! – Megan Trombley and Joey Vachon

This time we are hitting a double session for our “Meet the Coach” series…. get to know our Office Manager/Coach Meg Trombley and Coach and Regional Athlete Joey Vachon!

First up is Meg…
Here is what Meg has to say;
“I did not really have an athletic background prior to CrossFit.  I tried playing volleyball and track in high school, but I had a really hard time with them and I ended up quitting.  I started working out at EverProven in August of 2013 with my husband, Phil. He had been athletic since childhood and assured me it could be possible for me too. Our gym has allowed me to be vulnerable, confident and helped me to discover that I actually have the ability to be strong and learn new skills. ”
Meg’s favorite food;
“Any kind of fruit but I love figs the most!”
Meg’s favorite and least favorite movement;
“Favorite movement is any kind of clean and least favorite movement are deadlifts.  Favorite workout is “The Chief”, least favorite workout is 15.5/16.5!”
What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
“I love any outdoor activities, especially kayaking and hiking.”

A fun fact about Meg;
“My first job out of college was working at a zoo.  While working there I got to care for lions and tigers!”
What are your specialties/what type of athletes you like to work one on one with?
“I love all varieties of squatting and gymnastics progressions.  I like to work with athletes who may have fears holding them back because I love helping them break free and realize their limitless potential.”
Next we have Joey!…


Here is what Joey has to say;
For as long as I can remember I have been very active. Growing up I played 4 sports year round; Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track. When I wasn’t playing sports I was either mountain biking, swimming, riding four wheelers and dirt bikes or playing wiffle ball and frisbee. I was first introduced to athletic training in high school when preparing for Football. After graduating from high school I immediately began working full time for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Just before turning 24 in 2013, my friend, and current member at EverProven Dave Levesque, called me and said I needed to try this thing called “CrossFit”. So one day I obliged and instantly knew I liked it. I juggled CrossFit and work for almost 2 years before deciding to give CrossFit my full attention. In January of 2015 I left the shipyard and began coaching here at EverProven.

Joey’s favorite food;
“Mexican (and maybe Whoopie Pies)…. but I also love Peanut Butter Banana and Jelly Sandwiches.”
Joey’s favorite and least favorite movement;
“Changes all the time, but right now its a tie between Muscle Ups and Thrusters. My favorite WOD is “Dianne.” I hate long distance running”


What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
“After going hard in the gym for 2-3 hours and coaching 4+ hours on top of that, I tend to take it pretty easy when I can. But I still enjoy adventures like hiking and trying new things, and occasionally getting back on my mountain bike and snowboard. But I’m a sucker for movies, video games, BBQs,  beer and naps.

A fun fact about Joey;
“CrossFit Accomplishments: 33rd place NE 2015 Open/ ASRX Qualifier Granite Games 2015/ ASRX Qualifier WODAPALOOZA 2016/ 11th in North East 2016 Open (80th in World)/ 28th at East Regionals 2016.”
What are your specialties/what type of athletes you like to work one on one with?
“Due to my background, and love for sport (primarily Football and CrossFit), I would say I enjoy athletic programming with a purpose for competition. I enjoy preparing dedicated athletes for the challenges they have ahead of themselves.”

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