Meet The Coach Monday: Katie Michaud

Next up for our “Meet the Coach” series is Katie Michaud!
Katie is a Full Time Occupational Therapist, mom to a energetic toddler and part time CrossFit Coach! She has been with EverProven CrossFit since before it started as she is married to Co-Owner/Head Coach Matt Michaud. Together Katie and Matt have 10 years of fitness filled relationship together!
Here is what Katie has to say;
“I have always been involved with athletics since I was a small child. I found a love for cheerleading and softball. I cheered for 8 years and mostly did it because I loved competing. I also played softball in high school. I did intramural sports in college and began to workout. I graduated college and then came into CrossFit when Matt wouldn’t stop talking about it! Matt convinced me to try it and we then started doing CrossFit wods out of our garage and friends would join. Eventually we joined a gym where we both ended up becoming coaches along side Kate Stone. When that gym ended up moving in another direction, it was back to the garage with a small group of friends. Our small group soon grew into a large group and we decided we would have to find a larger space where we could keep this going… this was officially the start of EverProven CrossFit.”
Katie’s favorite food;
“My favorite food would have to be anything Mexican”
Katie’s favorite and least favorite movement and workout;
My favorite CrossFit movement is the clean. My favorite wod is Grace. My least favorite is the sumo deadlift highpull and least favorite wod is Fran.”
What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
“I enjoy being outside, skiing, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family.”
A fun fact about Katie; 
“I like to paint and I try to do one painting or more a year.”
What are your specialties/what type of athletes you like to work one on one with?
“I enjoy working with all athletes and I particularly enjoy coaching those who are willing to put in the effort and make positive changes in their lives.”
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