Meet The Coach Monday: Kate Stone

Next up for our “Meet the Coach” series is Kate Stone!
Better known as “Stone”, she was the first coach outside of ownership at EverProven CrossFit and has been with us since day 1. After about a year she was promoted to General Manager. The ownership of the box realized the important part of EverProven Stone is and eventually granted her part ownership in the business.
Here is what Stone has to say;
I started running in 6th grade because my best friend joined the Cross Country team and we did everything together. I continued with Cross Country through junior high and high school and then continued to run on my own, completing several marathons and even a few ultramarathons. In my mid twenties, I found a gym in the seacoast that offered “CrossFit” style workouts to supplement my running and soon fell in love with the community aspect of the sport. This is where I met Matt and Katie and found out about EverProven. We started with workouts in their garage/driveway and eventually Matt found us a spot to open an actual gym. And the rest, as they say, is history….
Stone’s favorite food;
Anything sweet…. frosting, cake, ice cream, cupcakes, frosting, chocolate
Stone’s favorite and least favorite movement and workout;
Favorite movement: Burpees, duh
Favorite workout: Karen
Least favorite movement: Muscle Ups
What non CrossFit activities you enjoy or what you like to do outside of the gym?
Running, baking, cooking, spending time with my family

A fun fact about Stone; 

I’m afraid of heights
What your specialties are/what type of athletes you like to work one on one with.
Specialties: Occupational Therapist working in outpatient setting with neurological patients (brain injuries, concussions, strokes) and orthopedic patients (primarily elbow, wrist, and hand diagnoses)
I love working with Adaptive CrossFitters and hope to become more involved with the Adaptive CrossFit division of the sport.
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