June Athlete of the Month: Karla Jarecke

How and when did you discover CrossFit & what concerns or problems did you have before you started?

I made the leap to CrossFit in 2023. I wanted to get stronger for my job which involved hiking steep terrain and carrying heavy gear. I was a distance runner for over a decade, but I had a knee injury that made it difficult to keep running. I wanted to try something new that would scratch my endurance itch and would also improve my strength for field work.

What results have you gotten so far?

I’ve noticed huge improvements in my sleep, energy, and mental health. I am more confident and positive in other aspects of my life as a result. I also recently decided to try running again. I wasn’t sure I would ever run long distances again, but I am now training for a half marathon. CrossFit has proven beneficial for my joint heath and mobility which has had huge payoffs for my running.

What is different about EverProven services?

The coaches are incredibly organized and knowledgeable at training new and experienced athletes. Coaches check in with athletes during quarterly with 1:1 goal setting sessions and offer a ton of education and programs outside of regular classes to help athletes with specific lifts, techniques, nutrition, etc. You will meet some amazing people. I joined EP in October 2023 after moving across the country. It was a difficult transition to leave a place that I loved, and EP made a huge difference in helping me feel welcome in a new community. There is an awesome energy at the gym that is very uplifting and positive.

What would you tell someone that is on the fence about joining EverProven?

Just give it a try. You won’t regret it. Start with a free intro class to get to know the gym and coaches. There is also an OnRamp program that will introduce you to CrossFit and is a great opportunity to discuss your goals as well as concerns with the coaches.

What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?

My husband and I try to spend as much time as possible exploring rivers by canoe or raft.

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