EVR Athlete Profile: Becky and Darell

Name: Becky McElreavy
Age: 37
Favorite CrossFit exercise: Squats (back and front)
Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Burpees
Name: Darell Nalli
Age: 38
Favorite CrossFit exercise: Cleans
Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Wall balls and jumping rope (he was not a fan of 15.4)
Members since October 2014
When they decide to get in shape, most people take a gradual approach. Maybe they’ll do a couch-to-5K program, or make friends with the treadmill at the local mega-gym. That’s not really Darell’s style, though. Last year, while his girlfriend was out of town, he signed both of them up for a race.
Not just any race. A Spartan Race.
Luckily for Darell, Becky was game. They did some training on their own. When they got to the race, they met so many CrossFitters that they became interested in CrossFit as a way to prepare for the next competition. “Our new goal was to become better at the race we enjoyed so much,” explained Darell. He’s a hardcore researcher, so he read up on CrossFit, as well as boot camps, kettlebell gyms, and personal training programs in the area. He said he settled on EverProven because it had “the best schedule, a free intro, and Kate. She sold us from the moment we walked in with questions.” He was also excited to hear that Matt had a plan for strengthening the muscles around the rotator cuff to relieve his chronic tendonitis.
“I thought I was going to throw up after the intro class,” said Darell. He thought,“There is no way I’m coming here every day and doing this.” But all that research paid off, and soon both of them were hooked. They graduated from EverProven’s On Ramp program – a series of 12 one on one sessions designed to prepare an individual for anything they may encounter in a CrossFit class – in November, and are now regulars at the 7:30 PM class.
Darell has found that CrossFit is a great stress reliever. In fact, he says he gets angry if his work schedule makes him miss a workout. And, since a  CrossFit  membership is premium compared to the local mega-gym, he wants to get the most out of his investment. “I’m cheap!” said Darell. “I’m not going to waste that money and EverProven is definitely worth the investment.”
Becky and Darell naturally fit into the EverProven community. Not only do they embrace the idea of constant improvement, but they do it with a smile. “It’s hard to have a negative attitude here,” said Darell, whose goal is to Rx three workouts a week. Becky is working on her coordination. She especially wants to get double-unders so she doesn’t have to do three times as many single jumps. “I’d really like to move on to the next thing and not still be jumping rope,” she said. From the beginning, she said she never felt out of place or like she didn’t belong.
“I am really proud to have these two smiling, determined people sweating it out and getting strong as a part of our community.” said EverProven Owner and Head Coach Matt Michaud. “People like Becky and Darell inspire me every day to do my best and to keep putting out the best we can for our athletes.”
The couple is eager to test their progress in the next race. This time, they’ll be the CrossFit athletes beasting through the obstacles. Who knows how many others they’ll inspire?…
Maybe the first person Beck and Darell will inspire is you? If Becky and Darell’s story sparked your interest in CrossFit or if you want to learn more about what we do at EverProven..drop us a note by filling out the form below!!
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