EverProven Memebr Profile: Ashley Studer and Matt Kubej

Ashley Studer
Member since May 2013
Preschool teacher
Favorite CrossFit exercise: Hang cleans
Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Muscle ups
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Matt Kubej
Member since EverProven opened
Software developer
Favorite CrossFit exercise: Power cleans
Least favorite CrossFit exercise: Couch stretch
Matt Kubej has been a member since the gym was just the Michauds’ garage. He says that he likes CrossFit’s long-term approach to self-improvement and learning. “All the movements have a lot of intricacies, so there’s a lot to pick up on,” he says. When we suggest that some people get frustrated when they can’t perfect something, Kubej says he’s the opposite. “If I hit an endpoint, I get bored,” he says. Perhaps this discipline and focus on constant improvement comes from his background in mixed martial arts. Kubej says he loves the energy at a competition, and watching people push past their limits. “You get to see a lot of people push themselves beyond what they think they could do,” he says.
You might say that fate brought Studer to us. She came to an intro with a friend who was interested. Ironically, the friend never joined, but Studer was already in love with CrossFit. Studer had just graduated from college, and was looking for a new fitness routine and a new way to meet people. Then her focus shifted from losing weight to becoming stronger and faster, and eating to fuel her body. She also made great friends who shared that mindset. “The best thing about coming here is that I can just be me and have fun,” Studer says. She says she likes competitions because they offer her a chance to meet people from other gyms. They remind her that CrossFit is bigger than just EverProven.
So what advice do these competitors have for their fellow members, especially newbies? Don’t compare yourself to other people, set lots of small goals, and keep at it. “You’re not always going to have a great day at the gym,” Kubej says, so just keep going. Eventually your improvement will be noticeable, even if it doesn’t seem that way today. And, of course, both of them have goals of their own: Kubej is working on gymnastic movements and fixing the technical flaws in his lifts. Studer is working on her strict movements, including handstand push-ups and muscle-ups. With CrossFit, you’re never done!
This interview ended just before the 6:15 PM class. The night’s WOD featured, among other things, 50 burpees. “At least it’s not 60,” Kubej said nonchalantly. “It could always be worse.”

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