Don’t Be A Cherry Picker..

“Cherry Picking” – Matt M
Let’s talk about what makes you think “I suck”, what makes you “bad at CrossFit”, whats holding you back…
When you wake up in the morning and check the WOD, realize your least favorite movement is programmed so you decide to go for a run instead  – you are cherry picking.
When you decide to hold back on your potential and skip the things you don’t like to trade them for the things that you do – you are cherry picking.
When you decide that doing that extra work your coach gave you to perfect your clean is just a waste of time – but you leisurely mosey around complaining that you still pull early with your arms and aren’t getting stronger- its because you were cherry picking.
When you choose not to attack your weaknesses, choose not to challenge yourself and ignore areas that you can improve on – you become a cherry picker.
Be it in your job, jumping at the newest opportunity to push yourself; in the gym, racing to the chance to improve on new skills; or in life, choosing to strengthen the relationships with friends – you can’t get anywhere without the work, without the effort.. without skipping some of the things that you like and replacing them with things that you don’t.
Hate Snatches? You should be doing them every day.
Want to get stronger? Maybe trade the long metcon you planned for a date with the squat rack.
Need to develop a skill? Sit down with a coach and come up with a plan.
Stop wishing, start working!
You can certainly cherry pick in life. Many do… But when you do, you are holding yourself back from your true potential… maybe even your dreams!

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