August Athletes of the Month: Josh Colwell & Brianna Novell

How and when did you discover CrossFit & what concerns or problems did you have before you started?

Josh started at Everproven through the CrossFit in Recovery Program through SOS in October of 2020, and I was still working out at home via Beachbody. After months and months of Josh harassing me to come try CrossFit, I finally decided I needed a change of pace and started at Everproven in February of 2022. Josh had a lot of fear behind CrossFit as a whole, as he was out of shape, had recurring problems with loss of feeling in his legs, and a fear of working out within a group setting. For me, it was a fear of hurting myself, and not being able to complete the workouts that Josh had always come home telling me about. We were both proved wrong in our fears, and have both grown so much in the time that we have been a part of this amazing community.

What results have you gotten so far?

Since Josh has started CrossFit, he has lost nearly 40 pounds and built so much strength and confidence. One of his biggest flexes is being able to do multiple burpees. Josh feels like he breathes so much better throughout his day, and is able to move so much easier. The results I have seen, is so much more muscle tone and loss of inches, which allows me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have found I have been able to come out of my comfort zone, not just with weights and moving quickly but with being able to build friendships. This community is not just to walk in the door, and walk back out after you workout. For us it is building friendships, trust, and confidence all under one roof. We are very happy that we both decided to push our limits together, at Everproven.

What is different about EverProven services?

It would sound cliche to say “everything,” but that is truly what makes Everproven different than other facilities. The sense of community, which I have mentioned a few times above is what keeps both of us coming back. When we walk through the doors, we feel welcomed and supported. If we ever have questions or concerns, they are met with a smile and solutions. When we have a need to modify anything, we do not feel less than. Everyone that we have come into contact with has been incredibly supportive, and always there to cheer us and everyone else on during the hardest strength and metcon workouts. The spark that Everproven has given us, is remarkable. I was told that CrossFit is the fountain of youth, and I truly believe that.

What would you tell someone that is on the fence about joining EverProven?

DO NOT BE AFRAID! Not matter your fitness level, there is always something that you can be doing to keep your body moving and allow yourself to feel that you have accomplished something. If you have ever wanted to feel your body push itself to a new level, when your brain is telling you stop and all you can hear is a group of friends yelling your name and shouting out that you can do it; I cannot recommend this gym enough! Take the leap, walk through the doors, and watch your life get better right before your eyes! We cannot wait to meet you, and cheer you on!

What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?

We figured we would make this one about us, since we are doing this together…A fun fact is that Josh and I met on Bumble, and our courtship was within the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. Josh was already 8 months into his recovery when we met, and he led me into recovery! We are strong alone, but unstoppable together!

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