A New Year Message from Coach Matt

To the EverProven Community,

First off, I just wanted to take moment to write this note to you all in reflection of how amazing the year of 2017 was for EverProven CrossFit. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are newer to our community, it’s been incredibly rewarding to bear witness to your progress. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to have taken part in each and every one of your personal fitness journeys over the last year. I am completely humbled to, almost on a daily basis, receive your emails, texts, calls and in person exchanges that tell me how we have helped to change your life for the better. For me, there is no greater high than seeing being able to see, hear and experience your improvements! On behalf of myself and the rest of the EverProven Staff, thank you for entrusting us with your personal health, fitness and longevity!

So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of why I am writing this..

What’s coming for the EverProven community in 2018?

An important part of our operation is ensuring that we are doing everything that we can to ensure every time you leave the gym, you’re a little bit better than when you came. In all that we do to ensure that, please know that you have an essential in voice how we make it happen. When you make a suggestion to me, another coach or even drop a note into our suggestion box, it always crosses my desk and gets discussed. In other words, we may be driving the bus, but you are our navigation system.


Over the last year, it has become quite apparent through my own studies, observations, realizations and experimentation that we need to continue to build value into what we offer to you all. Do I believe we offer an excellent product? Absolutely!  Buuuuttt.. If you know me on any level, you probably realize that I am not the type to ever sit still. I am also not the type to settle for the “status quo” and I think that greatly reflects on how we operate EverProven.
Therefore, we have some exciting things on tap for you guys coming in 2018.
I’m sure you’re thinking.. “Ok, what’s he up to now?”.. So here are a few of the “big ticket” items that we have in the works for the upcoming year:

  • The development and implementation of a bulletproof nutrition program that all community members will have access to.


    • Many of you have come to us with goals in mind. For some of you it’s weight loss, for some its performance, others it’s just general fitness. While getting in here and getting your body moving is a vital step toward those goals, we acknowledge that taking control of your nutrition will skyrocket your success. Some of you have consulted with agencies outside of EverProven for these type of services. Our goal is to implement a program that is not only more cost effective than what others offer, but with one that will also provide you with the same results based upon a similar format with a better, in house accountability/support system.



  • More opportunities for you to refine your skills, learn new ones, and use your fitness.

    • A few months ago, I drafted a year long template for 2018 which breaks the year down month by month. Among other things, included on this template are monthly specialty seminars (weightlifting, gymnastics, mental health, sleep, open prep, endurance, stress management, nutrition, weight loss, mobility etc), community events (post holiday party, photo shoot day, bring a friend week, friday night lights, in house competition, etc),  and “out of the box” experiences (ski/snowboard day, rock climbing day, ninja warrior training day, nights out, beach WOD, tough mudder/spartan race, hikes, etc). We feel it is important that we not just be your gym, but your friends and support system. We want to expand and build upon our community by offering opportunities that no other gym does. A huge concept of  what we include with our definition of fitness is its application. With this template, we developed an exciting plan to offer something that everyone can do so with. For many, this will include opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, refinee old ones and to learn about one’s self. We are doing this so that we can go beyond just the physical aspect and develop an all encompassing health program that isn’t bound by a what’s normally expected from a gym.




  • The development of an Improved Personal Training program, “Ghost Coaches”, and expanded schedule/specialty classes.

    • Over the last year, we saw a huge rise in the amount of people requesting personal training services with us. The benefits are obvious for both us as coaches and you as athletes. Because of the demand, we will be leveling the playing field to announce a flat rate, across the board price for PT with all coaches. This will include rates for single sessions, multiple sessions and basic specialty programs. Another unique service for new members or for those looking to refine their skills is the offering of a “Ghost Coach”. The idea is simple, a “Ghost Coach” would be available for hire to work with an athlete 1-1, in addition to the normal coach on duty, through a class workout. The “Ghost Coach” would be 100% focused on the athlete that hired them and would be there to help with skill development, confidence and with the athletes success during the workout overall while at the same time not separating them from the group. Additionally, we are hoping to offer small group personal training, expand the 4pm class to every weekday and bring back an improved bootcamp program. Lastly, we are exploring the potential of adding a special fun conditioning class with Professional MMA Athlete Kevin Haley and myself. This will be a full throttle conditioning program that will meet 1-2x per week and will involve no barbells. It will include heavy bags and bodyweight movements. The idea is to apply the very basics of striking and MMA into a workout that would get one ready for the ring. (this will NOT be a MMA class, this will be a MMA inspired conditioning class)


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  • The Addition of a Second Facility

    • We are working to open a second EverProven location in Exeter, NH. At the moment, we are hammering out lease details but hope to have the second location up and running within the next few months. This will allow you to have 2 great locations to train at! That being said, please be aware that this will not detract from our efforts in Dover. We are fully committed to keep moving to create a better gym for both locations.


  • The addition of workout tracking software with SugarWOD.

    • SugarWOD is a software that will streamline the way we publish our workouts and deliver them to you and will help fuel both your success and strengthen our community. The features are too much to list here.. So please read more about this on their website. https://www.sugarwod.com/features

We have plenty of other things in the works for 2018 that didn’t make this list, but as you can see, this will be a busy year. We are really excited to see how it all unfolds and hope to make it our best year yet! I hope that after seeing this list, you are just as excited as we are!  Most importantly, we are happy to have so many incredible people in our community! Thank you guys for always being awesome!

In health, strength and love,
Matt Michaud


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