SBD-2 Seminars with Coach Royce!

Tune up your Deadlift, Squat & Bench. Free seminars for members. Coach Royce will be giving direct feedback to each athlete and everyone who attends will leave with new points of performance to improve on.

April 5 – Squat – Do you feel unstable in the squat? Do you struggle with confidence in the hole? Has your squat strength plateaued? Hip mobility issues or pain?

April 12 – Bench – put your feet and why? Wondering how much to arch and why? Do shoulder mobility/stability issues hold you back?

April 19 – Deadlift – Do you have back pain when you deadlift? Has your deadlift strength plateaued? Did you know that fine tuning your deadlift can have a major impact on your leg/core strength? Interested in learning the Sumo Deadlift?

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